Can I check in late?
Sure! We send self check-in instructions to anyone who has not arrived by 9pm, and you can request said instructions in advance if you'd like.

Can I check in early?
Shoot us a call and we'll see if we can accommodate you. You are more than welcome to use the shared spaces earlier in the day.

What are your rates?
Bunks in shared rooms start at $38 a night, and private rooms start at $89 a night Rooms are based on double occupancy, but some can fit up to six guests. In the warmer seasons, we offer Primitive and Standard campsites: Primitive starts at $12 a night per person and does not have hostel access. Standard  offers hostel access, and starts at $20 per site. 

What is your refund policy?
Individuals and Private Rooms: Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours before the time of check-in for a full refund.  If cancellations are made without appropriate notice you will be charged the full amount.
Groups of 6-12: Cancellations must be made 14 days before day of check-in.  If cancellations are made without appropriate notice you will be charged the full amount.  
Groups larger than 12: Cancellations must be made 30 days in advance.
If cancellations are made without appropriate notice for a group larger than 12,  the group will forfeit the deposit made towards their reservation. 
Holiday Weekends:  No cancellations can be made on holiday weekends.  The full amount will be charged if cancellations are made.
We are a small business and we have to enforce these policies to keep the hostel operational. Thank you for understanding.

Do you provide linens?
Yes! We provide linens including sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. Campers using the tent sites need to bring their own gear, but they can borrow towels as well.

Do you provide shampoo?
We have a basic supply of shampoo, conditioner, and soap. 

Do you provide breakfast?
We have a selection of granola bars, fruit bars, yogurt, coffee (drip), tea, and oatmeal. Of course, you are welcome to anything labelled "free" as well: everything from extra donuts, unused ingredients, and veggies from our garden have been left for guests, but that depends on the day!

What is the bathroom situation?
There are three shared bathrooms available to all guests. Two of those are dorm style bathrooms with two shower stalls a piece. Room #11 and room #12 have a private bathroom each.

Is there free parking on the premises?

Can I lock my gear on site instead of leaving it in my car?
Yes! We have a storage space that locks as well as lockable rooms and cubbies (in the shared rooms). 

Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are allowed in the private rooms so long as they are NEVER left alone in the hostel! Please call to let us know if you will be bringing a pup along.

Do you have quiet hours?
Accommodating our early-rising adventurers is important to us. To help our guests make the most of their days, we enforce quiet hours from 10pm to 6am. Does this mean we shut the lights out on you? No. At 10pm, we  ask the folks using common areas to lower their voices, move to outdoor spaces, and be mindful of noise in the kitchen. 

What's the deal with the kitchen?
We have a big kitchen with two stations, including two stoves, two refrigerators, two sinks, and a ton of pots, pans, cookwear, and spices! Feel free to cook what you need when you need to, as long as you are respectful of quiet hours between 10pm-6am.

Is it mostly college kids?
Nope! We get a huge range of folks from students, to international families, solo travelers, through hikers, affinity groups, retirees,  and more. 

Do you have recommendations for adventures, food, and drink?
We have a ton! Your hostel guide who checks you in will be able to answer any and all questions about local spots, and feel free to call with any specific questions you may have in advance. Check out our "Events" tab for local happenings, courtesy of our Hostel Guide, Brad!

The CoHo Story

Welcome to CoHo!

My name is Haley. My partner Kyle and I founded CoHo:Conway Hostel in 2021 to get more people outside. 
A bit about us: Kyle and I are both born and raised New Englanders. We met teaching outdoor education and learning about the power of outdoor experiences first hand: they teach us who we are, who we can be, and how to connect to the world around us.  

Along the way,  we couldn't help but notice barriers that keep many folks from accessing these experiences. We saw the rising costs of lift tickets & acceptable gear. We met teenagers who had never even heard of ticks before, let alone knew how to prevent bites. We heard gatekeepers use esoteric language & thus subtly define who belongs in the outdoors, and who doesn't. Ultimately, we learned how these barriers can make the mountain top a homogenous, privileged place. 

Kyle and I wanted to play liaison between all individuals and the outdoors. We found the hostel to be the perfect playground.

Not everyone has the same access to the outdoors, and we are working to change that. Every day we try to make our space more accessible, inclusive, & educational in the hopes of opening the doors to the White Mountains to all. 

At CoHo, we 
- Charge the lowest prices possible so everyone can enjoy the outdoors
- Encourage folks of all abilities & backgrounds to challenge themselves responsibly and offer the resources to do so
- Foster conversation in our shared spaces and with intimate events, because we can all use more community in our 21st century lives

Ultimately, we are committed to offering unique and meaningful NH experiences for our guests. 

Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up on all the happenings at CoHo: Conway Hostel! 
Happy adventuring--
With gratitude,
Haley & Kyle